About us at IKV

Here you find information about the organisation of the institution, the management, employees and the inner work that is done; for instance questions concerning equality and diversity, work environment, discrimination and more. 

Our main task is: Education, Research and Research Education.



Research Education

  • Research within IKV is conducted by different research groups according to specialities within the field of surgery. Cooperation between the different groups is essential as is cooperation with other institutions and universities in Sweden and abroad.

The organisation, management and personnel

Employees (faculty, staff and other members)

You can find employees, faculty, staff and other members in the university's catalog. Most of the people in the catalog is not employed at the institution but they have some kind of connection to IKV. A lot of them are clinical research students or doctors/nurses that conduct research at IKV or teaches at the institution. 

Faculty management and administration

Here are the names and contact information, for instance, to the head of the university department, the deputy head of the university department, to the financial administration, course administration, personnel administration and other administration. 

Institutional board


Here you can read about IKV's history and organisation. 

Equality and diversity at IKV