Faculty management and administration

Head of Department

Head of Department & Professor of Surgery

Per Hellman
e-mail: per.hellman@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 146 17

Per Hellman is head of the department of surgical sciences since 2016.

He graduated at Uppsala University 1986, and defended his thesis in 1993.

Per Hellman has specialised in General Surgery, and subsequently subspecialized in Endocrine Surgery.

Per Hellman has had fellow-ships and post-doc education at Harvard Medical School in Boston (1991-1993), Heinrich Heine-University in Düsseldorf and the Charité in Berlin 1999.

He became Professor of Surgery at Uppsala University in 2008.

He has led courses for Medical Students in Endocrine Surgery as well as Emergency Medicine since 2001, and has been a member of the Faculty Board since 2014.

Per Hellman has been the Scientific Secretary of the Swedish Surgical Society (2008-2013).

Per Hellman’s research and clinical work has been centereda round neuroendocrine tumours originating from parathyroid glands, the adrenals, small intestine and the pancreas.

Deputy Head of Department & Professor of Anesthesiology and Intesive Care

Sten Rubertsson
e-mail: sten.rubertsson@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 139 81

Deputy Head of Department & Professor positron emission tomography (Radiology)

Anders Sundin
e-mail: anders.sundin@radiol.uu.se
phone: 018-61 147 60

Financial Administration 


Katarina Lindroth
e-mail: katarina.lindroth@surgsci.uu.se  
phone: 018-617 01 20

Overall finances for the department: budget, balancing the books, financial statements, follow-ups, financial analyzes.

Anna Klärcke Wänn
e-mail: anna.wann@surgsci.uu.se 
phone: 018-61 701 20

Overall finances for the department: budget, balancing the books, financial statements, follow-ups, financial analyzes. 

Financial administrator

Siv Andersson
e-mail: siv.andersson@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 126 16

Human Resource Administration  

Personnel Coordinator

Karin Johansson
e-mail: karin.johansson@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 131 03


Higran Saghir
e-mail: higran.saghir@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 149 27

Course Administration

Course administrator

Elisebeth Berge
e-mail: elisebeth.berge@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 148 61

Course administrator within the programmes of Medicine.


  • Klinisk medicin II, 30 hp (Medicine Programme)
  • Akutsjukvård II, 6,5 hp T11 (Medicine Programme)
  • Kirurgi, 1 hp (Physiotherapy Programme)
  • Ortopedi 3 hp (Physiotherapy Programme)
  • Freestanding courses at advanced level within the department of Surgcial Sciences

Åsa Eriksson
e-mail: asa.eriksson@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 153 65

Course administrator for:

  • Otorhinolaryngology, Clin Med IV, T8 (Medicine programme)
  • Ear-nose-throat: Anatomy, physiology and diseases, T2 (Speech etc)

Administration regarding Ph.D disertation, licentiate and half-time checks at the section of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery.

Annika Häger
e-mail: annika.hager@radiol.uu.se
phone: 018-61 148 15

Administrator for:

  • X-ray Nursing Programme
  • The Radiology courses (Medicine Programme)


  • Computed Tomography 15.0 credits
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging 15.0 credits
  • Nuclear Medicine and PET 15.0 credits

Frida Levén
e-mail: frida.leven@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 070-425 01 96

Course administrator within the Specialist Nursing Programme.



Project administrator

Katja Andersson
e-mail: katja.andersson@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 129 44

  • Administration concerning various projects for professor Sten Rubertsson
  • Arrangements concerning disputations in anesthesia and intensive care
  • Scheduling of anesthesia placements for candidates
  • Sales of compendiums in anesteshie and the CPR-booklet
  • Arrangements concerning the post-graduate courses
  • Administration concerning the specialist courses and ventilator treatment, basic intensive care and obstetric anesthesia
  • Registration in Ladok for graduate students


Elin Eriksson
e-mail: elin.eriksson@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 145 69

  • Webmaster
  • Registrers publications in DiVA
  • Registration in Ladok for graduate students
  • Compiles the researchers material to the annual report
  • Administers SK-courses in colorectal surgery 
  • In charge of purchasing


Carina Lindberg
e-mail: carina.lindberg@surgsci.uu.se 
phone: 018-61 716 95

  • Registration in Ladok for graduate students
  •  Responsible administration concerning half time seminars and public defense 
  • In charge of purchasing
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