Faculty management and administration

Head of Department

Portrait photo of Liisa BybergHead of Department and Professor of Medical Epidemiology

Liisa Byberg
e-mail: prefekt@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 070-16 794 00

Liisa Byberg has been Head of the Department of Surgical Sciences since July 1st, 2022. She graduated with a Master’s Degree of Medical Sciences (from the Biomedicine Programme at Uppsala University) in 1996 and defended her thesis in 2002. She started as a postdoc at the Department of Surgical Sciences in 2007, and has since then been research fellow, researcher, senior lecturer, and she became professor of Medical Epidemiology in 2021. During her time at the department, Liisa Byberg has led postgraduate courses in epidemiology and seminars in medical epidemiology for PHD students. She has further organized several courses focusing on epidemiological methods and clinical trials featuring well renowned international teachers and lecturers.

Liisa Byberg has been a member of the department board since 2011. She is chair of the board of the Centre for Clinical Research Dalarna and vice chair of the Uppsala Diabetes Centre Board.

Liisa Byberg’s research is mainly based on observational studies of lifestyle factors’ influence on common diseases occurring later in life, but she also conducts research based on randomised studies.

Deputy Head of Department and Assistant Head of Department with responsibility of third cycle education

Portrait photo of Susanna LarssonSusanna Larsson 
e-mail: susanna.larsson@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-47 149 45 and 070-16 797 60

Susanna Larsson is senior lecturer at the Department of Surgical Sciences. She graduated from Stockholm University in 2002, defended her PhD thesis at Karolinska Institutet in 2006, and pursued a postdoc at the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland in 2007. She became associate professor of epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet in 2011 and was a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge 2015-2016.

She is currently an associate editor of the journal Metabolism – Clinical and Experimental.

Susanna Larsson conducts epidemiological research aimed at identifying the causes of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Assistant Head of Department with responsibility of clinical contacts 

Portrait photo of Anders WanhainenAnders Wanhainen
e-mail: anders.wanhainen@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 073-39 939 06

Anders Wanhainen is Professor of Vascular Surgery at Uppsala University since 2019.

Assistant Head of Department with responsibility of first and second cycle level education 

Portrait photo of Johan WikströmJohan Wikström
e-mail: johan.wikstrom@radiol.uu.se
phone: 072-22 20 287

Johan Wikström is Professor of Neuroradiology since 2018.  

He obtained his Medical degree in 1990, defended his PhD thesis in 2001, became associate Professor of Radiology in 2009, and adjunct Professor of Neuroradiology in 2016, all at Uppsala University. He pursued a postdoc at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in 2006-2007. He is a specialist in Radiology (1997) and Neuroradiology (2002).

Johan Wikstrröm conducts research on brain physiology and metabolism using advanced MR imaging techniques. The overarching aims of his research is to elucidate normal physiology as well as pathophysiological mechanisms of various nervous system disorders, and at developing improved diagnostic techniques. Research areas include brain tumors, vascular malformations and cerebral affection in preeclampsia.

In collaboration with researchers from other departments, he also studies brain activation during different mental processes, and how this is altered in psychiatric disorders. Another interest is diagnosis of fetal malformations with MRI.

Financial Administration 


Portrait photo of Katarina LindrothKatarina Lindroth
e-mail: katarina.lindroth@uu.se 
phone: 018-617 01 20

Overall finances for the department: budget, balancing the books, financial statements, follow-ups, financial analyzes.

Portrait photo of Anne-Lie AnderssonAnne-Lie Andersson  
e-mail: anne-lie.andersson@uu.se
phone: 072-210 14 78


Portrait photo of Ann-Sofie HenrikssonAnn-Sofie Henriksson 
e-mail: ann-sofie.henriksson@uu.se
phone: 018-611 48 55


Financial Administrator

Portrait photo of Mariana HooliMariana Hooli
e-mail: mariana.hooli@neuro.uu.se
phone: 018-47 147 72


Portrait photo of Siv AndersssonSiv Andersson
e-mail: siv.m.andersson@uu.se
phone: 018-61 126 16


Human Resource Administration  

Human Resources Coordinator

Portrait photo of Karin JohanssonKarin Johansson
e-mail: karin.m.johansson@uu.se
phone: 018-61 131 03

Human Resources Generalist 

Portrait photo of Higran SaghirHigran Saghir
e-mail: higran.saghir@uu.se 
phone: 018-61 149 27


Portrait photo of Louise LundqvistLouise Lundqvist   
e-mail: louise.lundqvist@uu.se 
phone: 018-47 147 79

* on parental leave from spring 2024 onwards

Course Administration

Course Administrator

Portrait photo of Elisebeth BergeElisebeth Berge
e-mail: elisebeth.berge@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 148 61

Course administrator within the programmes of Medicine.


  • Klinisk medicin II, 30 hp (Medicine Programme)
  • Akutsjukvård II, 6,5 hp T11 (Medicine Programme)
  • Kirurgi, 1 hp (Physiotherapy Programme)
  • Ortopedi 3 hp (Physiotherapy Programme)
  • Freestanding courses at advanced level within the department of Surgcial Sciences

Portrait photo of Åsa ErikssonÅsa Eriksson
e-mail: asa.eriksson@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 153 65

Course administrator for:

  • Otorhinolaryngology, Clin Med IV, T8 (Medicine programme)
  • Ear-nose-throat: Anatomy, physiology and diseases, T2 (Speech etc)

Administration regarding Ph.D disertation, licentiate and half-time checks at the section of Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery.

Portrait photo of Charlotte ColliniCharlotte Collini
e-mail: charlotte.collini@uu.se
phone: 018-47 144 03

Administrator for:

  • X-ray Nursing Programme
  • The Radiology courses (Medicine Programme)


  • Computed Tomography 15.0 credits
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging 15.0 credits
  • Nuclear Medicine and PET 15.0 credits

Li Hedenmalm
e-mail li.hedenmalm@uu.se
phone: 0734-69 78 92

* On parental leave 


Portrait photo of Frida LevénFrida Levén
e-mail: frida.leven@uu.se
phone: 0704-25 01 96

Course administrator within the Specialist Nursing Programme.




Portrait photo of Katja AnderssonKatja Andersson
e-mail: katja.andersson@uu.se 
phone: 018-61 129 44

  • Coordination of meetings, conferences and invitations for the head of the department
  • Administration of dissertations and half-time seminars in PhD programs
  • Coordination of clinical practice for medical students in anaesthesia
  • Meeting organizer and coordinator within the Swedish Intensive Care Society
  • Coordination of subscriptions and courses within the postgraduate education in intensive care for Uppsala/Stockholm and Norrland
  • Administration for physicians in training in anaesthesia and intensive care, ventilator treatment and basics of intensive care
  • Program Secretary within the SSAI-IC program


Elin Eriksson
e-mail: elin.k.eriksson@uu.se 
phone: 018-61 145 69

  • Webmaster
  • Responsible for newsletters and TV screens
  • In charge of purchasing
  • Registrers publications in DiVA
  • Registration in Ladok for graduate students
  • Compiles the researchers material to the annual report
  • Administer Grants for undergraduate students to PhD students

Carina Lindberg
e-mail: carina.lindberg@surgsci.uu.se
phone: 018-61 716 95

  • Registration in Ladok for graduate students
  • In charge of purchasing
  •  Responsible administration concerning half time seminars and public defense 

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