The department of surgical sciences, IKV, was established in 1998 by merging several smaller institutions. The former institutions are now sections of the new IKV. The sections are of different sizes and are spread out within and outside the hospital.

Personnel, economy and course administration are located at entrance 70 (first floor), Akademiska sjukhuset.

IKV has approximately 100 employees. Many employees, especially professors and lecturers, are employed by the university as well as by the Akademiska sjukhuset.

There are approximately 150 PhD students registered. The majority of the PhD students are doctors or nurses with employment at the Akademiska sjukhuset. They do not have a traditional postdoctoral employment.

Doctors and nursing staff (without university employment) are often engaged with teaching, courses and programs at IKV.

The department is responsible for undergraduate courses, part of the medical, nursing, logopedic and biomedical program. Furthermore, IKV is responsible for several programs in the nursing profession as well as separate courses and supplementary courses.

Research within IKV is conducted by different research groups according to specialities within the field of surgery. Cooperation between the different groups is essential as is cooperation with other institutions and universities in Sweden and abroad.

Research groups within the Department of Surgical Sciences:

Other research areas within IKV are nurse research and epidemiological research. The research is conducted in several research groups but is also presented separately in some occasions since the research is fairly independent from the other research within the group.

Registration of documents and cases

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