Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital together conduct world-class medical research and educate doctors, nurses and specialist nurses. Many employees divide their employment between the department of surgical sciences and the hospital.

Research is an integral part of the department and University Hospital. Research is conducted in a variety of fields to map disease mechanisms and to create new, effective forms of treatment. Over the years our researchers have contributed to new treatments for many serious diseases.

Each year students receive their clinical training and advanced training at the hospital. This mainly takes the form of “allmäntjänstgöring” (AT), a 21-month period of practice after medical school that all doctors must undergo to get their medical license, but it also includes the clinical placement required for other courses in the health care field. In addition to doctors, Uppsala University Hospital also educates nurses, specialist nurses, speech therapists and biomedical analysts.

Logotype, both Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital

Last modified: 2021-03-16