Utlysning av medel till projekt som använder sig av EpiHealth-cohorten


EpiHealth is the name of one of the Swedish strategic research areas (SFO) with a partnership between Uppsala and Lund universities. We now announce 4 grants to perform studies in the EpiHealth cohort.

Background:  EpiHealth is also the name of a cohort study including 25,000 individuals (age 45 to 75 years, 50% women) with data collected between 2011 and 2018 in Uppsala and Malmö. The general aim of the EpiHealth cohort is to study the impact of life-style factors and genes on future common diseases.

The collected data consist of a questionnaire, a physical examination and some blood tests. Blood samples (mainly EDTA-plasma) have been collected in a biobank and recently all subjects have been genotyped (Illumina GSA-chip), and in 2,500 individuals 250 proteins (OLINK CVD 2&3 and metabolism chips) and 1200 metabolites have been analyzed (performed by Metabolon and Nightingale). Details on variables collected are given at: (https://www.epihealth.lu.se/en/cohort/researchers).

Application round: We now announce 4 grants to perform studies in the EpiHealth cohort. Each grant is for two years (2022-2023) with the total sum of 1.5M SEK. (750,000 per year). The grant could be used for salaries or biochemical/genetic analyses. The main applicant must have a position at Uppsala University or Uppsala University Hospital.

The application: Two pages with the headings; background, aim/hypothesis, methods (if other than using already collected data), data needed from the EpiHealth cohort (use existing Excel-sheets found at the website above), biobanked samples needed, economy plan, collaborators.

The application must use EpiHealth data, but could well combine EpiHealth data with data from other cohorts. 

Applications to be sent to: ida.bjorkgren@ucr.uu.se. Deadline: September 1st 2022.

Note that the grant application also serves as a research application that has to be approved by the EpiHealth steering committee. If approved by the steering committee, an application from the main applicant to the Ethical Committee (Etikprövningsmyndigheten) is needed. Such an ethical approval is mandatory for receiving a grant, but is not needed at the time of submission of the grant application.

Questions on the EpiHealth cohort or the grant application could be sent to: lars.lind@medsci.uu.se 

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