Uppsala Aortic Fellowship 2023/2024


The Uppsala Aortic Fellowship is an international combined clinical and research fellowship program dedicated to promoting knowledge in management of aortic pathologies among senior vascular trainees.  

The Department of Vascular Surgery at Uppsala University Hospital is a tertiary referral centre for complex aortic pathology, and a leading research unit in studies of aortic disease. The fellowship program is designed for international senior vascular trainees or early post-graduate specialists in vascular surgery, with a specific interest to gain in depth experience in modern management of aortic pathology.  

Program components 
The fellowship trainee is involved in the clinical management of patients with aortic disease, including patient assessment, operative planning, endovascular and open surgical procedures, as well as follow-up management. 

Exposure to standard and complex endovascular procedures for aortic disease is a key component of the fellowship program.  

As part of the fellowship program, the fellow is involved in a dedicated research project. The academic unit pursuits several projects including studies of aortic disease pathophysiology, prevention and surgical management, as well as studies of novel open and endovascular surgical techniques. The fellow is required to undertake at least one aortic research project during the period, with presentation of research results in an international scientific forum, as well as publication of results in a peer-reviewed journal.  

Fellowship period 
The current announcement regards two positions, autumn 2023 (August 2023 – January 2024) and spring 2024 (January 2024 – July 2024).  

Formal requirements 
The successful applicant should be a vascular trainee or in early post-graduate period after completion of vascular surgical training. Basic endovascular experience is required. Academic experience is not mandatory, but academic interest is warranted. 

The program primarily aims towards international applicants. Fluency in English is preferred, but knowledge in Swedish is not required. Registration with the Department of Health in order to practice as physician in Sweden is beneficial, but not required.  

Fellowship stipend 
A stipend for accommodation and living expenses in Uppsala is provided. 

Application process 
Applications for the fellowship are accepted before November 27 th 2023. The full application should include the following: 1) letter of interest 2) CV 3) two letters of recommendation. The application is sent per email to: emma.joyner@akademiska.se


Kevin Mani, MD PhD FEBVS 
Professor of vascular surgery 
Program director, Uppsala Aortic Fellowship 

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