Karriär och ledarutveckling för forskare, lärare och ledare vid Uppsala universitet


Enheten för Karriär & Ledning i akademin erbjuder individuell coaching, ledarprogram, kurser, seminarier och workshops riktade till universitetets forskare, lärare och ledare. Välkommen att anmäla dig till våra kommande aktiviteter. Se hela utbudet på Medarbetarportalen.


Att leda och utvecklas i akademin 2022 (online eller på campus)

Programmet vänder sig till forskare, lärare och ledare och syftar till att stärka dig i din roll som ledare och omfattar sex heldagar samt deltagande i handledningsgrupp. Målet är ett hållbart ledarskap som bidrar till goda forsknings- och utbildningsmiljöer. Utbildningen omfattar bland annat ledarrollen i komplexa miljöer, ekonomin i akademin, att förstå och hantera konflikter, samarbete och kommunikation samt att leda på lika villkor. Programmet ges i huvudsak online vårterminen 2022 och på campus höstterminen 2022. Kontaktpersoner: Anna Westin, anna.westin@uu.se eller Rabbe Hedengren, rabbe.hedengren@uu.se.  Mer information och anmälan.  

Post doc online career programme February – September 2022 (online, in English)

A web based programme for post doctoral researchers at Uppsala University consisting of 15 online modules in English starting February 2022 and spread over a period of seven months. Target group is researchers with a doctoral degree who have not yet obtained a permanent/tenured position. The programme addresses career planning and pathways, and addresses essential skills including managing time, people and projects, publishing strategies, attracting funding and building partnerships and networks. For questions, please contact: Anna Westin, anna.westin@uu.se or Rabbe Hedengren, rabbe.hedengren@uu.seFor more information and application


Curious about leadership 15–16 December 2021 (online, in English)

Are you curious about finding out more about what leadership is or can be? Maybe you currently hold a post doc or researcher position but are interested in having your own group in the future? In a small and interactive group setting we explore different aspects of leadership. Target group is researchers with no or very little previous leadership experience who don't hold a leadership position today. For questions, please contact Anna Westin, anna.westin@uu.se or Rabbe Hedengren, rabbe.hedengren@uu.se.  For more information and application.

Ekonomispelet för chefer och ledare 2–3 mars 2022

Ett universitetsanpassat ekonomispel/verksamhetsspel där händelser simuleras på en spelplan, översätts i ekonomiska termer och tolkas i ekonomiska rapporter. Målgrupp: prefekter/motsv., forskningsledare, studierektorer och andra personer med ledningsuppdrag som har fått eller ska få ekonomiskt ansvar. Kontaktperson: Cajsa Ekstav, cajsa.ekstav@uu.seMer information, kort demonstrationsfilm och anmälan

Ekonomispelet in English May 4, 2022

Uppsala University’s in-house finance game Ekonomispelet provides the participants with an overall understanding of the organization from a financial perspective. Basic financial concepts are given concrete meaning by simulation events in a board game, translation then into financial terms and interpreting them in reports. Target group is researchers with a leadership position. For more information and application.

Förvaltningsrätt 18 maj 2022 

Välkommen till en kurs i förvaltningsrätt. Kursen vänder sig till alla anställda vid Uppsala universitet. Som anställd vid en statlig myndighet ställs krav på snabb, rättssäker och korrekt ärendehantering. Vilka lagar och regler behöver man vara förtrogen med som anställd vid Uppsala universitet? Kursledare: Per Abrahamsson, akademiombudsman och chef vid Juridiska avdelningen. Kontaktperson: Cajsa Ekstav, cajsa.ekstav@uu.seMer information och anmälan

Seminarier och workshops

Academic productivity for post docs – from efficiency to effectiveness, November 15, 2021, 9.00–12.00 (online, in English)

This workshop provides you with a toolbox for moving from efficiency to effectiveness as a post doc. The background to this workshop is that we often focus on the content of our work but sometimes forget to pay attention to our own work process or how we work, think and act. However, the process is central in order to complete our work on time and feel well during the process. More specifically, you will learn three academic productivity tools; the 80/20 principle, end product focus and the unit method, and apply them to your own work situation. For more information and application.

How to prepare and write a successful grant application November 26, 2021, 9.00–10.00 (online or on campus, in English)

Securing your own research funding is an important and time consuming part of a research career. Research officer Carolina Rydin from Grants Office Science & Technology will share her knowledge about the funding landscape, how proposals are evaluated and her best advice on how to write a successful grant application. For more information and application

How to Get the Most out of Small Talk, December 10, 2021, 14.00–17.00 (on campus, in English)

Events such as conferences and seminars obviously offer opportunities to share research, but they also offer excellent opportunities to meet people and develop your professional network. Unfortunately, many people find the social aspects of these events intimidating or uncomfortable. In this workshop, we will explore the many aspects of successful small talk, suggesting strategies and providing practice. Participants will engage in a number of activities designed both to get them thinking creatively about social encounters and to give them practice in meeting new people in a stimulating and fun atmosphere. For more information and application

Coaching; mindset and skills, January 25, 2022, 9.0012.00 (on campus, in English)

Are you a supervisor, mentor or leader? Do you have someone nearby that is about to take a step into a world that neither of you know much about? Maybe this someone is a doctoral student about to finish, a post doc with a contract running out or a colleague contemplating change. Welcome to a workshop where we in a small group and interactive setting explore the mindset and skills of coaching to help someone else start the journey into unknown ground. During the workshop we will explore how to develop a professional dialogue with supportive, socratic questions and listen with heart and mind. We will make use of a working material that you can bring home for future use.  For more information and application.

How to build a support network for your next career step(s), March 4, 2022, 9.0012.00 (online, in English)

Have you ever been told networking is important for your career but somehow found it challenging, uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing to actually do it? This workshop aims to demystify networking and provide tips and tricks on how to build a network to support you in your career. The event will also introduce strategies both for networking in person and on digital platforms such as LinkedIn. The session will give you the opportunity to interact with other researchers at Uppsala University while working through your own approach to creating a network that will help you accelerate your progress and achieve your career priorities. For more information and application.

Good things don’t come to those who wait – Dealing with procrastination and deadlines in academia, May 20, 2022, 9.00-–12.00 (on campus, in English)

Procrastination refers to our tendency to purposefully delay an activity despite being worse off for the delay. It is particularly prevalent in academic settings, especially when deadlines are missing or up to you to decide. However, procrastination has less to do with traits and character, and more to do with the psychology behind motivation and behavior. This workshop gives you an overview of why we procrastinate and how to overcome it, with a specific focus on working in academia. The aim is not only to understand why we postpone the things that need to get done, but to get a few strategies that will help you bridge the gap between intention and action. The workshop is lead by Alexander Rozental, a Licensed Psychologist and Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology at Uppsala university. He is the author of a Swedish self-help book on procrastination (”Dansa på deadline”) and a researcher on the treatment of procrastination. For more information and application


Individual coaching for a sustainable career (in Swedish or English)

We offer individual coaching for researchers, teachers and leaders at Uppsala University to promote a sustainable working life and career. Coaching is a reflective process that can deal with a variety of topics. We often encounter topics like; work life balance, making decisions, dealing with relationships, managing motivation and goals, coping with rejections and change, staying in or leaving academia, finding out what I really want to do in my working life and a range of other questions. Coaching is about reflecting and creating clarity on issues that are important to you and the intention is to develop your ability to see opportunities, clarify driving forces and skills, and create your own basis for taking decisions and actions. The agenda is set by you and the point of departure is your own needs. Coaching is confidential. Meetings can be in person, via Zoom, or simply a walk in the park. For booking and more information

Karriärstöd för forskare, lärare och ledare: allt på ett ställe

Universitetet erbjuder en mängd stöd som kan vara till hjälp i din lärar- och forskarkarriär; kring karriär- och kompetensutveckling, mobilitet, nätverk, samverkan och innovation. Informationen finns samlad på medarbetarportalen: https://mp.uu.se/web/info/anstallning/akademisk-karriar


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