Research at IKV

A researcher is holding a test tubeResearch at the Department of Surgical Sciences is conducted with surgery as a topic in the broad sense.

The research groups are focusing on different surgery specialities that correspond to the partitioning of the surgical work at the Uppsala University Hospital.

An increasing number of nurses conduct research within the framework of one of the research groups. Their research is described in the presentation of the research groups. There is also a separate heading for Nurse researchers with ongoing projects from nurses.

Epidemiological research is conducted in several research groups but is also presented separately in some occasions since the research is fairly independent from the other research within the group.

The research groups are working with different methods and with competences ranging from molecular biology and basic pathology to patient related problematic complexes within clinical health care. In many instances there is cooperation with other departments and with clinics and research groups at other hospitals both within Sweden and abroad.

Last modified: 2022-11-08