Research at IKV

Research at the Department of Surgical Sciences is conducted with surgery as a topic in the broad sense.Researchers with microscope.

The research groups are focusing on different surgery specialities that correspond to the partitioning of the surgical work at the Uppsala University Hospital.

Research groups within the Department of Surgical Sciences:

An increasing number of nurses conduct research within the framework of one of the research groups. Their research is described in the presentation of the research groups. There is also a separate heading for Nurse researchers with ongoing projects from nurses.

Epidemiological research is conducted in several research groups but is also presented separately in some occasions since the research is fairly independent from the other research within the group.

The research groups are working with different methods and with competences ranging from molecular biology and basic pathology to patient related problematic complexes within clinical health care. In many instances there is cooperation with other departments and with clinics and research groups at other hospitals both within Sweden and abroad.

Read the research groups' presentations via the links in the left margin.

Research funding

The research administrative group will help you as a researcher at Uppsala university to apply and administer extern research grants. To the group is a scientific contact person for Wallonie-Bruzelles International employed.

You can find help with

  • financier for your research
  • templates for budget- and project calculation
  • information about EU programs

Please go to Searching for calls in Research Professional for a list on notices and timeschedule.

Applications to the Regional Ethical Review Board

Do you want to make an ethical vetting? The application must be well scrutinized and written with consideration. Do not leave it to the last minute, administration takes about a week. 

Read guidelines on the homepage of the Regional Ethical Review Board! 

Note: It is not permittad to fill in the application in English, only in Swedish. Therefore, do not use the English version. 

See Swedish guide.

Genusmedicin - Lika villkor

Genusmedveten forskning har dubbel ansats: Den tar hänsyn till deltagande av både kvinnor och män, med lika möjligheter för alla, och integrerar genus i forskningen från initial forskningsidé till spridning av resulat.

Läs om hur man på Centrum för genusmedicin på Karolinska Institutet arbetar med dessa frågor. Dessa artiklar är hämtade från deras hemsida.

Genusmedveten Forskning

Dialogues on Diversifying Clinical Trials: Successful strategies for engaging women and minorities in clinical trials

ReviewType 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in women