Reconstructive Microsurgery Research Programme

Principal investigators: Andres Rodriguez and Maria Rydevik Mani

Within the area of reconstructive microsurgery several research projects are carried out.

Clinical Applied Anatomical Studies in Face transplantation and Facial Paralysis

This project is carried out in collaboration with the Department of Plastic Surgery of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Anatomical studies are performed to study the technical feasibility of the application of new techniques in the field of face transplantation and facial paralysis.

Virtual Planning in Microvascular Head and Neck Reconstruction

In collaboration with Maxillofacial Surgery and the Center of Image Analysis at Uppsala University a study is carried out to study the application of a new virtual planning system (UHASP) in microvascular reconstruction of the mandible using free vascularized fibula flap.

Clinical Studies in Facial Paralysis

In collaboration with the department of ENT and Electrophysiology, a study of the implications of different cranial nerves (V, XII, XI) in relation to the Facial Nerve (VII) is carried out by performing electrophysiological studies and Functional MRI to elucidate the cortical interconnections of this nerve and to analyze ways to increase the cortical plasticity after nerve transfers in facial paralysis.

Cancer Recurrence after Breast Reconstruction

Collaboration between department of general surgery (breast surgery) and department of oncology, Uppsala and Malmö, with the aim to evaluate potential risk of breast cancer recurrence after breast reconstruction. The project includes retrospective analysis of patients who was mastectomied in 1992-2009 and reconstructed between 2000 and 2009 as well as a prospective study arm.

Lymphoedema – risk of and treatment of lymphoedema

Evaluation of the risk of lymphoedema of the arm after microsurgery reconstruction of the breast and cephalic vein usage. Retrospective analysis of a cohort of already reconstructed patients as well as prospective study of patient operated 2014–2016. The project also includes evaluation of microsurgical treatment of lymphoedema by lymphnode transfer at the time of free flap reconstruction of the breast. The evaluation includes clinical measurements, displacement test, photographs and questionnaires.

Quality of Life, Patient satisfaction and Optimizing resources in Breast reconstruction

Collaboration with Breast Cancer Surgery, Patient Reported and Clinical Outcomes Research Group in Bristol, United Kingdom. Development of the Swedish version of the questionnaire EORTC BRR-24. International collaboration between more than 15 countries for a common instrument to use for breast reconstruction. This project further includes studies of patients already reconstructed and comparison of different methods as well as a prospective study. Parameters evaluated are QoL, patient satisfaction, resource management and socioeconomic impact.

Members of the group during 2016

Andres Rodriguez Lorenzo, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Maria Rydevik Mani, MD, PhD
Morten Kildal, MD, PhD, Associate Professor
David Jensson, MD
Andreas Svee, MD
Magnus Kjelsberg, MD


Lars Jonsson, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, ENT, UU
Fredrik Wärnberg, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, UU
Gunilla Enblad, MD, PhD, Professor, Oncology, UU
Zoe Winters, MD, PhD, Univeristy of Bristol, UK
Yvonne Brandberg, Professor, Psychologist, (onco-psychology) Karolinska Institutet
Shai M. Rozen, MD, Associate Professor, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA
Jan Hirsch, DDS, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Maxillofacial Surgery, UU
Andreas Thor, DDS, PhD, Associate Professors, Maxillofacial Surgery, UU
Ingrid Carlbom, PhD, Professor, Institution for InformationTechnology, UU
Pontus Olsson, Doctorand, Institution for Information and Technology, UU
Fredrik Nysjö, Research Engineer, Intitution for Information and Technology, UU