Forensic Medicine

The research on the department of forensic medicine consists of one PhD project and a few separate studies performed in collaboration with other universities. Currently running PhD project:

Consequences of Abuse of anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS)

  • This Ph.D. project aims to identify cardiac changes and testicular changes in deceased AAS users.

Another area of ​​research relates to differential diagnosis in suspected infant abuse.

Diagnosis of infant abuse

  • In recent years, the scientific basis for previously established beliefs regarding the diagnostic value of certain findings for infant abuse has been called into question.
  • The project has generated a dissertation concerning the incidence, associated findings and causes of subdural hemorrhage in infants. This line of research continues and has been expanded with biomechanical studies conducted in collaboration with researchers at KTH. Furthermore, the possibility of secondary prevention in the form of early detection of infant abuse is being investigated

The third research area deals with legal certainty linked to forensic assessments with a focus on scientific evidence and sources of human error


  • Within the framework of an interdisciplinary project, EB-CRIME, studies are conducted regarding various aspects of forensic medicine assessments and how these are conveyed to and perceived by the recipients, police prosecutors, judges and lawyers. The studies include examination of diagnostic certainty as well as study of sources of human error such as subjectivity, group dynamics when the results and the degree of certainty in the assessment are to be conveyed to the recipients and to what extent the court knows and considers possible sources of error.
Last modified: 2023-03-31