Infant abuse

In recent years, the scientific evidence for previously established views regarding certain findings diagnostic value for infant abuse has been questioned. One important aspect is that most studies confirming that  certain findings are highly specific for infant abuse are based on an assumption that care takers who do not provide a history of trauma lacks credibility, an assumption which is not a medical assessment. We have identified a number of hypotheses which lacks empirical verification (goes for hypotheses both for and against abuse as explanatory factor) and have further found that several of these hypotheses possibly can be tested from data in the case registries run by the Swedish Board of Forensic Medicine if combined with data from medical care registries. The project thus aims to unconditionally (without starting from a basic assumption regarding the credibility of the care takers) test hypotheses regarding certain findings diagnostic value for infant abuse. The project is done in collaboration with Professor Ulf Högberg, Department of Women and Children's Health, Uppsala University