Welcome to the Epihub!

Brochures about the EpiHiubThe Epihub is a 500 sqm large workspace for researchers in epidemiology located on the entrance level on Dag Hammarskjölds väg 14B in Uppsala. The purpose of the Epihub is to create an environment that promotes exchange and interaction between researchers, learning  from each other and exchange ideas will give birth to new research ideas. A pursuit of excellence also requires cross-border cooperation. Everyone who has their place of work at the Epihub comes from various departments in the Disciplinary Domaine of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala University, but retains their employment at their department. No researcher is employed by the Epihub. The Epihub not only promotes cross-disciplinary exchanges but also facilitates exchanges between junior and senior researchers by mixing them in the physical space and creating a natural meeting place. The proximity to discussion partners is combined with white boards, seminars, kitchenette and coffee room, all of which are important instruments for the exchange of ideas. An epidemiological "center" creates a common infrastructure for researchers, statisticians and project coordinators, increases the epidemiological expertise and facilitates innovative collaborations.

The office contains 40 research places in an open landscape and 8 meeting rooms. Desk rent for a full-time place is SEK 25,000 per year, a part-time place costs SEK 12,500 per year and if you want to be placed here monthly, the cost will be SEK 5,000 per month. For the cost, you get access to a pleasant and stimulating workplace that gives you the opportunity for better completed studies.

If you are interested and want to know more about the Epihub contact Karl Michaëlsson.

Last modified: 2022-11-08