Cranio-maxillofacial surgery

The objective of this cross-clinic project is to create a platform from which to develop treatment of diseases of the jaw, facial skeleton and cranium. This platform will rest on a foundation of (a) virtual planning prior to tumor-trauma reconstruction and surgical treatment of congenital malformations; (b) an operating room of the future with computer-assisted surgery, for increased precision, reliability, and speed, as well as reduced morbidity; (c) expanded opportunities for basic research within a collaborative network composed of national and international participants as well as improved educational opportunities; (d) testing and development of biomaterials for reconstructive surgery; and (e) qualitative and quantitative evaluation of care from the perspective of the patient, family and health care personnel. 

A power point picture with facts about the multidisciplinary approach to congenital and acquired cranio-maxillofacial defects.