Exercise induced laryngeal Obstruction (E-ILO) is an important differential diagnosis to Exercise-induced Asthma (EIA). In patients where upper airway problems are suspected, we have since 2005 used videolaryngoscopy during exercise (CLE-test) to identify the cases with laryngeal obstruction as explanation for the symptoms. Several projects are running to elucidate questions concerning EILO and Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD).

To map the breathing problems during exercise, all 13-14 year-old children in Uppsala (n=3815) received a questionnaire in January 2011. A random selected group of children from this study will in 2012 and 2013 be tested by EIA-tests and CLE-test to find the number of both EIA and EILO in this cohort. It is likely that EIA as well as EILO will be found among these children.

As 80% of the patients are young females, one project is started to elucidate the influence from female sex hormones. This study is in co-operation with the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics. In another project a neuromuscular explanation for a sub-group of the patients is studied.

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