Exogenous hearing loss and otoprotectants preventing damage to hearing and balance

Cisplatin is a mainstay in the treatment of testicular cancer and used as a first-line treatment of a number of different malignant solid tumors. Hearing loss is a major side-effect of cisplatin and may cause treatment interruption. In this research project we are aiming to map cisplatin transport to and within the cochlea and establish methods for otoprotection by performing mechanistic and otoprotective studies. The round window membrane (RWM) is a possible local entry route for pharmacological clinical treatment of inner ear disorders and is used for experimental as well as clinical studies. Further insights into the mecahnisms of cisplatin ototoxicity and how to prevent these will be obtained.

Members of the group
Göran Laurell, Principal Investigator
Pernilla Videhult-Pierre
Birgitta Linder
Per Olof Eriksson
Sahar Nikkhou Aski Karolinska universitetssjukhuset
Victoria Hellberg, Capio,
Cecilia Engmér Berglin, Karolinska universitetssjukhuset
S Allen Counter, Harvard University, USA