Swallowing disorders and nutrition in patients with head and neck cancer

Swallowing problems and impairment of nutritional status are common in patients with head and neck cancer and may remain for a long period of time after termination of treatment. In prospective studies we aim to increase the knowledge on changes in swallowing function and malnutrition in patients with head and neck cancer The overall goal is to reduce sequelae after treatment and improve the quality of life for the patients.

Members of the group

Göran Laurell
Ylva Tiblom Ehrsson
Sandra Ottosson
Karl Sandström


Björn Zackrisson, Professor
Karin Söderström
Per Fransson, docent
Eva Levring Jäghagen, lektor, Umeå University
Peter Wahlberg, docent
Per Nilsson, Professor
Elisabeth Kjellén, Professor, Lund University
Svante Hugosson, Örebro University
Johan Knutsson, Västmanlands hospital