Hepatic Surgery

Principal investigator: Ulf Haglund

In hepatic surgery we have focused on defining the possible risk following liver resection induced by pre-operative chemotherapy. We have studied the clinical outcome in the patient material from our institution of approximately 500 resected patients with liver metastasis from colo-rectal cancer during the last 12 years. More than half of the patients receive pre-operative chemotherapy and some patients develop sinusoidal obstructions syndrome. In a project using pre-operative 3T MR we have studied patients with and with-out pre-operative chemotherapy the day before surgery with special techniques to reveal and grade steatosis, steatohepatitis and portal flow. The results are related to the histopathological evaluation and to the clinical outcome. Two of the studies are recently published and further MR studies are planned. In collaboration with prof. Per Artursson, department of pharmacy, we have studies aimed at developing a model using cultured human liver cells, obtained from waste liver tissue after resection for tumours. The cultured cells will be used to study membrane transport function, the influence of preoperative chemotherapy as well as the influence of cytostatic drugs on this function. A safety and effect study on irreversible electroporation (IRE) for liver tumours (as a complement to liver surgery, maximum 2 with a diameter of 3 cm) are running.

Members of the research group
Ulf Haglund, MD, PhD, Professor Emeritus
Agneta Norén, MD, PhD
Frans Duraj, MD
Jozef Urdzik, MD