Injury epidemiology

Principal investigator: Rolf Gedeborg A family ridning a moped in India.

Injuries are the most important cause of death in the young and middle aged and a common reason for ICU admission. Injury epidemiology is an integrated part of the Epidemiological & Statistical Group (EpiStat) at Uppsala Clinical Research Center. With the aid of unique person identification numbers to link health care registers, we have excellent opportunities for population-based research. Each year approximately 100 000 people in Sweden are hospitalized because of injuries and 5 000 people die from their injuries.

Injury epidemiology is a collaborative effort involving several sections of the department, among them the sections for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Orthopedics, Plastic surgery, Vascular surgery and Forensic Medicine. International collaboration in several projects has also been established with the International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics (ICE).

During the year, the focus has been to develop methods for injury epidemiology and its practical application. The ability to identify and study prehospital injury deaths and consequences of prehospital management remains a focus. A study on the association between population density and mortality after traffic crashes has been published along with a study on the quality of injury coding in hospital discharge data. We continue to develop the ICD-10 injury severity score in collaboration with ICE researchers in seven other countries. A joint publication on the importance of prehospital injury deaths is underway and the collaborative effort continues with the aim of defining valid indicators of injury incidence and improving injury severity models. A particular focus of our efforts is also on the ability to develop reliable estimates of comorbidity in hip fracture patients. We also continue to work with Bayesian models to improve injury severity estimation. In collaboration with Forensic Medicine we have develop prediction models for the outcome after violent crime.

We have also during the year participated in the development of a course in epidemiological methods given at the doctoral level. As a part of the Uppsala Clinical Research Center we also offer consultations in epidemiological methods and study design.

Members of the group during 2013
Rolf Gedeborg, Associate Professor
Jakob Johansson, PhD
Hans Blomberg, PhD student
Karin Andersson, PhD student

In collaboration with
Karl Michaëlsson, Professor
Ingemar Thiblin, Professor
Liisa Byberg, PhD
Håkan Melhus, Professor
Margaret Warner, Injury Epidemiologist NCHS CDC USA
James Harrison, Professor Research Centre for Injury Studies Flinders University South Australia

Last modified: 2021-04-15