Research areas

Neurovascular disorders

Responsible: Johan Wikström and Ljubisa Borota

Development and evaluation of advanced MR-techniques for preoperative assessment and posttreatment monitoring of cerebral aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations. (PhD projects Maria Correia de Verdier and Niclas Hegerius)

Studies of optimization of radiation dose and endovascular techniques in neurorointerventional procedures.

Brain and head-and-neck tumors

Responsible: Johan Wikström, Elna-Marie Larsson and Raili Raininko

PET-MRI and MR-LINAC for planning, monitoring and prognostisation of radiation treatment of head-and-neck tumors. (PhD project Ulrika Mallmin)

Brain tumour studies with advanced MRI (perfusion, MR-spectroscopy) for the differentiation between tumour recurrence and post-treatment reactive changes.

Evaluation of MR-spectroscopy for the diagnosis of brain tumours and other intracranial lesions. (PhD project Jussi Hellström)

Comparison of different cerebral perfusion MRI techniques for evaluation of brain tumours and normal appearing white matter preoperatively and during treatment monitoring. (PhD project Markus Fahlström)

Intravoxel incoherent motion

Responsible: Johan Wikström

Reproducibility studies and clinical applications in the brain. (PhD project Daniel Hannsberger)

Aging and dementia

Responsible: Elna-Marie Larsson

Automatic volumetry versus visual scoring of atrophy patterns in MRI of the brain in healthy aging compared with early dementia with cross-sectional and longitudinal evaluation. Comparison with cognitive testing. Computer based analysis for dementia classification. (PhD project Vilma Velickaite)

Miscellaneous projects

Responsible: Johan Wikström and Elna-Marie Larsson

Collaboration with other clinical and pre-clinical research groups at Uppsala University and Lund University:

  • Cortical activation studies (fMRI) of neuropsychology and psychiatric disorders.
  • Trigeminal neuralgia: advanced MRI techniques at 3T and 7T
  • Traumatic brain injury: PET/MRI
  • MRI of hypoxic/ischemic brain injury in resuscitated cardiac arrest patients treated with hypothermia
  • MRI of the brain in prematurely born babies
  • Physiological MRI of patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • MRI of the brain and spinal cord in patients with multiple sclerosis
  • MRI of the brain in epilepsy
  • MRI of the brain in eclampsia
  • Fetal MRI
  • Correlative studies of MRI, protein expression and histopathology in diffuse low-grade gliomas
  • Subtle change detection and quantification in MRI of the brain

Collaboration with Linköping University:

  • Elna-Marie Larsson is main supervisor for 1 PhD student at Linköping University, Sweden:
    • Charalampos Georgiopoulos: Imaging studies of olfactory impairment in parkinsonism.

Members of the group 2018 
Johan Wikström, Professor, Research group leader
Elna-Marie Larsson, Professor Emerita
Raili Raininko, Professor Emerita
Sven Haller, Visting Professor 
Dragan Bajic, MD, PhD
Ljubisa Borota, MD, PhD
Nuno Canto Moreira, MD, PhD
Anna Falk Delgado, MD, PhD
Ehab Mahmoud, MD, PhD
Johanna Mårtensson, PhD
Christoffer Nyberg MD, PhD
Ruta Nylander, MD, PhD
Maria Correia de Verdier, MD, PhD student
Markus Fahlström, PhD student
Niclas Hegerius, MD, PhD student
Jussi Hellström, MD, PhD student
Vilma Velickaite, MD, PhD student
Anna Grabowska MD, PhD student (not yet registered)
Daniel Hannsberger, MD, PhD student (not yet registered)
Ulrika Mallmin, MD, PhD student (not yet registered)

Some of the group members.