Post graduate education

There are approximately 200 PhD students registered. The majority of the PhD students are doctors or nurses with employment at Uppsala University Hospital. They do not have a traditional postdoctoral employment. Doctors and nursing staff (without university employment) are often engaged with teaching, courses and programs at IKV.

Research within the department of surgcial sciences is conducted by different research groups according to specialities within the field of surgery. Cooperation between the different groups is essential as is cooperation with other institutions and universities in Sweden and abroad.

Four dressed-up people after the Doctoral Conferment Ceremony
Twice a year the nine faculties at Uppsala University come together to celebrate the conferment of new doctoral degrees.

Post graduate education at the Medical Faculty

Post graduate programmes - Here you'll find all the information you need about postgraduate programmes in the Medicine and Pharmacy disciplinary domain at Uppsala University. The programme must comprise at least 240 credit points for a doctoral degree and at least 120 credit points for a licentiate degree. The programme is made up of a number of courses and a thesis.

Supervising at doctoral level - The supervisor training course is a one-day course, mandatory for all main supervisors, offered twice a year, by the disciplinary domain of medicine and pharmacy. The course is held in English.

Before the public defence of a doctoral thesis - Find out more about Scheduling the public defence of a doctoral thesis, Applicate for public defence of a doctoral thesis and Applicate for licentiate seminar.

Post graduate students - The time as a PhD student can be one of the most exciting and rewarding periods of your life. However, the studies can also be demanding and impose unmanageable expectations. It is important to know the requirements that apply to you and where to turn if problems arise.

Doctoral studentships - Read more about employment terms and salary ladder for doctoral students.

Forms of study funding - There are several ways that doctoral students can fund their studies, which affect their work and employment conditions in different ways.

Application for Degree Certificate - Degrees and certificates are issued by the Graduation Office upon request.  All courses completed at Uppsala university that are intended to be included in the degree must be registered in Ladok before your application can be considered.