Each doctoral student is to have a specially appointed examiner. The examiner should participate in the annual follow-up of the individual study plan. In the case of doctoral students, the examiner should examine for-credit components of the doctoral programme when reporting to the study documentation system. 

The examiner should also provide support to the doctoral student in discussions surrounding the theoretical part of the programme and examination.

  • Examiners should be at least docent (associate professor) or in some other way qualified to act as principal supervisor for doctoral education.
  • Examiners should be employed at Uppsala University.
  • Examiners should be working at the department at which the doctoral student is registered.
  • Examiners and supervisors must be independent actors and have no relationship posing a conflict of interest.
  • Examiners may chair the thesis defence, but may never sit on an examining committee.

8 PhD students per examiner

The number of PhD students per examiner is a maximum of eight. The senior researchers at the department are preferably appointed as examiners.

The Ladok administrators (Carina Lindberg, Katja Andersson and Elin Eriksson) can assist with:

  • Give tips on who can be an examiner before registering a PhD student; suggesting three names as there may be a conflict, for example.
  • Give tips on who can become a new examiner if the existing one is to be replaced.
  • The administrators annually inform the examiner, main supervisor and doctoral student about the annual follow-up.


A PhD student who so requests will be allowed to change examiner. An application for this is made to the Research Training Committee. A well-founded justification for the replacement must be stated. The PhD student, all supervisors and the head of department must sign the request.

Last modified: 2021-03-25