Guidelines for public defense costs

In order to keep track of expenses for the doctoral thesis the head of department has decided on the following guidelines below.

Faculty grants pay

  • The printing of the doctoral thesis, mainly by grants for undergraduate students that the student is supposed to apply for each year.
  • Rent of the room for the public defense at the Uppsala University Hospital.
  • Dinner on the evening before, for the opponent and the supervisor.
  • Lunch before the public defense for the opponent, the examination committee and the supervisors (not to the respondent).
  • Opponent fees, travel expenses for the opponent and the examination committee, hotel for the opponent.
  • A flower to the respondent.
  • Snacks: chips, pretzel sticks and cider.
  • Lunch after the public defense is extern representation. The examination committee, opponent and the respondent can attend. An attendance list is required.

Grants for research level students

Grants for research level students can only be applied for and obtained four times in total. The grants may be used for:

  • Operative expenses and buying instruments, apparatus’ and literature for your research project.
  • Journeys directly connected to your research project.
  • Printing- and translation expenses.

The respondent pays (the research group do not pay)

  • More expensive snacks, champagne etc.
  • Local rent for rooms outside the hospital, for instance at Gustavianum.

Overhead costs will be added.

Last modified: 2021-08-20