General advice concerning the corona virus


The Security and Safety Division is continuously following developments around the spreading of the coronavirus and is in contact with the communicable disease control authorities in Uppsala and on Gotland. Up-to-date information is available via the Staff Portal and the Student Portal. The following points are intended as general advice. 

  1. Keep up to date via the Public Health Agency of Sweden and Ministry for Foreign Affairs websites and apps.
  2. If you have members of staff or students who have visited affected areas: ask them to work/study at home for two weeks after returning home. If they develop influenza-like symptoms they should call the health advice line (1177) and follow the advice of the health authorities.
  3. If you have members of staff or students who are confirmed sick, the communicable disease control authorities will deal with this, but please also inform the Duty Officer at Uppsala University by telephone 018-471 25 00.
  4. Uppsala University advises against non-essential travel to China. In the case of planned visits to other affected areas: consider whether it is necessary to travel. Can the trip be postponed? Can an alternative type of meeting be arranged? The same considerations apply to incoming visits and student exchanges from affected areas.
  5. Make sure that everyone books business travel via Uppsala University’s contracted travel agency Lingmerths and has flexible tickets.
  6. Encourage your staff to install the online meeting tool Zoom to facilitate remote meetings and conferences.
  7. Make sure the contact lists at your department (email addresses, home telephone numbers) are up to date.
  8. Take stock of international contacts in your department’s activities that could be affected if the disease continues to spread. Make preparations without causing anxiety.
  9. Encourage your staff to wash their hands frequently for preventive purposes.

Read more here: Recommendation on coronavirus (COVID-19).

Last modified: 2021-05-31