NatiOn – National research school in clinical and translational cancer research


Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet (KI) are offering a three-year national research school (NatiOn) in clinical and translational cancer research commencing autumn 2022. The aim of the programme is to offer a tailored package of courses as a knowledge-base for future clinical researchers in the cancer field. The programme concentrates primarily on molecular oncology and research methods for (prospective) clinically active individuals in the cancer field.

The programme is for doctoral students. Applicants should have a clinical or translational project in cancer research and must be clinically affiliated through a permanent position or other longer-term undertaking.

We also encourage applications from doctoral students at preclinical departments who have completed at least four years of medical studies and intend to become clinically active researchers in the field of cancer.

The call is launched and up to twenty doctoral students will be admitted. The deadline for application is Jaunary 31st. Notice of admission will be given in april/may. The application can be mailed to the registrar (pls see address below) or left in the mailbox outside Nobels v 5. If it’s mailed it should be stamped January 31st.

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