New decision on education and remote working


A new decision of the Vice-Chancellor, which applies from 16 June onwards, replaces all previous decisions concerning measures in response to COVID-19. The University’s courses will be given in the form of on-campus education, which will entail a great responsibility for students and employees to continue to help reduce the spread of infection. Employees in an at-risk group should continue to work from home if possible

The recommendation of the Public Health Agency of Sweden on distance teaching and assessment at universities and other higher education institutions will cease to apply on 16 June. Most courses in the autumn will therefore be given on campus, with certain digital elements. This will mean using the University’s premises for more of the day and of the semester.

All students, staff, visitors and others engaged in activities at the University must follow the recommendations in effect to reduce the spread of infection in society. Gatherings of more than 50 people should be avoided and efforts should be made to ensure physical distancing in University premises. If the Public Health Agency’s recommendations on the number of people change, the University’s decision will also change.

Members of staff who belong to an at-risk group or who live with a person in an at-risk group should be given the opportunity to work from home. Other members of staff may also work from home, by agreement with their manager.