COVID-19 report, October 30th


Although the COVID-19 infection rate does not appear to be declining in Uppsala County, the infection rate remains low at Uppsala University. The trend shows a slight slowdown in infection in Uppsala, but an increase on Gotland.

To summarise the infection situation, as of 29 October there have been 160 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the start of the semester. 

 This figure breaks down as follows:

  • 150 Bachelor’s and Master’s students (including 1 on Gotland) – an increase of 26 cases during the last week. 
  •   6 doctoral students – no increase in the last week.
  •   members of staff – an increase of 3 cases during the last week. Cases among the staff are probably substantially under-reported. You will find a form for self-reporting on this page.

The 150 Bachelor’s and Master’s students confirmed infected are distributed across the disciplinary domains as follows (change from previous week in parentheses):

  • Hum/Sam – 79 (+14) confirmed cases
  • Med/Farm – 56 (+7) confirmed cases
  • Tek/Nat – 15 (+5) confirmed cases 

These confirmed cases are relatively evenly spread across Uppsala University’s various campus areas and there are still no indications that infection is spreading via the University’s activities.

The Communicable Diseases Act requires:

If you are confirmed infected, the Communicable Diseases Act requires you to inform people whom you suspect you may have infected. As part of Uppsala University’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection, the University has created an online procedure to help you do this anonymously.

To test or not to test

The infection control doctor in Uppsala County requests those who have been confirmed infected not to get tested again after recovering from COVID-19 (swedish only).Doing so has no medical benefits and is an unnecessary drain on testing resources. Resources for PCR testing in Region Uppsala are under great strain. 

The previously announced guidelines for reducing the spread of COVID-19 infection remain in effect.