Boundary-crossing collaboration at the EpiHub


The EpiHub in the MTC-building brings junior and senior researchers together to exchange experiences and methods in epidemiology. Something that is necessary for Sweden to be able to compete internationally, according to Research Director Karl Michaëlsson.

Professor Karl Michaëlsson

The EpiHub was established in 2018, opening new doors of collaboration for epidemiology researchers in Uppsala. One research track within epidemiology is the analysis of the incidence of diseases, referred to as descriptive epidemiology. This examines how many people have contracted a disease, and how many have died from it. Another type is etiological epidemiology, which seeks to understand the causes of disease and ill health.

– In epidemiology, we observe associations, usually without performing interventions. In the EpiHub, we try to understand the causes of diseases and how to prevent them. We also perform calculations of what effect different types of treatment and medicines can have, explains Karl Michaëlsson, Research Director at the EpiHub.

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Last modified: 2021-05-31