Apply for funding to initiate collaboration with an external partner


Verification for collaboration (VFS in Swedish) is an initiative by Uppsala University to support collaborative research between the University’s researchers and external organisations. Researchers are given the opportunity to team up with companies, public or non-profit organisations to apply for up to SEK 300,000 in order to establish a collaboration on issues of common interest that have the potential to create benefits for society.

Prepare an application for the autumn call for proposals

The autumn call for proposals is open for applications. Applications are always made in consultation with a collaboration manager at the University’s Innovation Partnership Officer and have two cut-off times – one for a draft of your application and one for a complete application. If you are interested in applying in the autumn, you must contact the Innovation Partnership Office in good time before the first cut-off time, which is 29 October 2021.

You can also contact the Innovation Partnership Office with general questions about VFS or if you have any concerns or need other support for collaboration with external parties.

Upcoming information meetings about VFS

The Innovation Partnership Office will host two information sessions online that start with a brief introduction to VFS and how it works, followed by a longer session of Q&A. No registration is required.

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Last modified: 2021-05-31